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AU Products

* Free Freight to all locations with in Australia
* A product under a AU stock category will not have shipping options for United States
* * No GST is applied as we don’t meet the threshold needed to register yet.

 US Products 

* Conditional Shipping is applied
* Only a US product can be selected for it to go to the US
* Freight to USA for 1 Item is $90
* Multiple Items will have changing frieght costs.
* A product under a US stock category will not have shipping options for Australia.
* USA: Qty of 5 or above requires you to contact us and make an arrangement as we don’t yet cater for more then 20KGs


International Customers 

* If you have interest in purchasing from us and your not from US or AU, please contact us
* We will make arrangements on the website to allow international shipments to your country


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